What Does An Affordable And Effective Website Look Like?


But the two I recommend (and tend to be what the churches want) are the professional (yet more expensive) WordPress option and the slightly less professional (yet cheaper) drag and drop option. When you make a WordPress website, it’s pretty much guaranteed to turn out pretty great. But when you design your own site from scratch, the results can vary.

That’s why I wanted to present Trinity Church’s new drag and drop website. This site is powered by Squarespace, but painstakingly designed and developed to be a beautiful and high functioning website. Here’s a short list of things you can do on Trinity’s new website:

  • Sign-up to serve on any serving team (via Planning Center Groups);

  • Sign-up to be included in the Trinity Weekly and other communications (via the Adjace integration);

  • Give a one-time or recurring gift (via Planning Center Giving);

  • View information about our ministries and their leaders;

  • Listen, browse, search, or subscribe to their sermons;

  • Help new folks learn about Trinity and their worship;

  • Learn about and contact with leadership;

  • Sign-up for a community group, intro to Trinity class, and any other group;

  • View details on Trinity’s events page;

  • Read the latest article on the Trinity blog

Now, trinityslo.org is a one stop shop for pretty much everything. So in case you’re thinking of building a website for your church, here’s a few things you’ll need to make it happen.

A Clear Vision

Do not just start building your website and expect clarity and functionality to simply emerge from the chaos. It’s possible, but unlikely. You really need to think through what you want to accomplish and how it’s connected with every other communication platform you have.

Great Photography

This is quite simply a must. Do not just snap some quick shots with your iphone of your pastor preaching or your people drinking coffee. You need high quality, professional grade photography. And you need a lot of it. So either find a great photographer to do this in your church or spend the money to hire someone. Also, make an extensive checklist of all the photos you would like the photographer to capture. Your new database of photography will come in handy for more than just your website.

Functional Integrations

If you look at the website you’ll notice a number of integrations, the most important of which is planning center. Spun into the website are tons of onramps to join a group, a serving team, or a class. When a person clicks on these links, they’re delivered to an actual sign-up page that not only communicates, but triggers a process that actually gets that person into their desired group. These integrations, when promoted properly, have the potential to simplify the admin process for the whole church.

There’s more of course, but I just wanted to share the latest development in Trinity’s communications overhaul and give you a sense of what can be done for very little.



Josh Wierenga

Founder and Lead Catalyst for Clearpath.Church. Josh is ordained in the Reformed Church in America and is passionate about helping small churches find their voice. Josh lives with his family in San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast of California.

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