why clearpath?

How a partnership will take your coms to the next level


We help churches tell the story of jesus through clear communications strategies, systems and designs.


our approach

Our approach is based on clarity of vision, pleasing aesthetics, seamless functionality, and practical upkeep. Each partnership follows these four basic steps. 


Step 1 // Form Your Strategy

We work together to form a partnership strategy, which will detail our projects, goals, costs, and timeline. You'll know everything before we begin.


step 2 // Create Your Designs

This is where the creative magic happens. We develop your brand (logo, fonts, colors) and then create designs that will be used on your platform.


step 3 // Build your Systems

Then we build systems and platforms (websites, ChMS, campaign templates) that will drive your church's internal & external communication.


step 4 / Equip & Maintain

We train your team on how to maintain these new systems or you decide if you would prefer for Clearpath to maintain these systems for you.


what does a partnership look like?


Because we do many different types of projects for small to mid-sized churches, our partnerships can be a hard to grasp at first.

So to give you a visual of what a typical partnership looks like, we’ve included some sample partnership profile to give you a snapshot of how partnerships work.


We don’t have clients,

we have partners in ministry.

We have had the privilege of working with some incredible churches and church networks! We are so grateful to God for the opportunity to be a part of their stories.