Quick-Tip #2: Nerd Out on Google Analytics

Nerd Out on Google Analytics

One of the most powerful church communications tools you have at your disposal is Google Analytics.

If you’re unfamiliar, Google Analytics is a free platform you can connect to your website, which tracks tons of important data on your website’s performance. You can see mobile vs desktop user ratios, returning vs. new visitors, gender and age demographics, city & state of users, which pages get the most traffic and much more.

Why is this so important?

Because you can’t build an effective communications strategy without knowing how people actually use your website.

I say “actually” because you cannot assume people are using your website the way you intend for them to. You need to know how they’re actually using it.

Once you know more about who is visiting your site, how long they stay on it, which pages and links they’re navigating to, and which sermons and blog posts interest them most; you will be able to make better, more informed decisions about your overall communications strategy.

Need help?

One of the ways we at Clearpath help churches get a better handle on their communications is through a strategic audit. An audits can focus on all of your church communications or just the website.

One of our tasks during the audit it to collect one month’s worth of Google Analytics in order to give some helpful recommendations on how to improve your church communications and start reaching your target audience.

Would you like to learn more about our communications audits? Click below to see what an audit includes.


Josh Wierenga

Founder and Lead Catalyst for Clearpath. Josh is ordained in the Reformed Church in America and is passionate about helping small churches find their voice. Josh lives with his family in San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast of California.